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Our Getting Afloat books are the ideal introduction to taking your first steps on the water. Clear, concise, easily read, they contain all the information you need for your first years afloat – Which Boat to Buy, Which Engine, Finance and Insurance, Equipping It, Training, Towing, Where to Go, Maintenance. All these subjects and more are covered in detail, written by experts in their fields. Plus they contain an essential  Directory of Products and Services for all your needs.

Getting Afloat is also asociated with the British Marine Federation’s On the Water Campaign, which provides further information on getting on the water.


• Which boat

• Buying new and secondhand

• Engines

• Equipping your boat

• Finance & insurance

• Electronics

• Training

• The first trip

• Waterskiing

• Trailing

• Where to go

• Going abroad

• Racing

• Maintenance